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Recycling PVC Trim


Recycling Cellular PVC Boards

Many lumber yards now are accepting scrap from cellular PVC boards and are looking seriously at recycling PVC trim

Recycling PVC trim has become a hot topic on the job-site.

Since it’s introduction, PVC waste has been a huge problem for contractors.

On one end of the spectrum I like using it because it outlasts wood, on the other end it is a plastic product and there was never a way to deal with the waste.

PVC boards have proven to have long-term performance advantages in exterior applications and the scrap should be dealt with responsibly and not end up in our landfills.

PVC Recycling Bins

Many lumberyards are placing PVC recycling containers in their yards offering free PVC recycling regardless of the board manufacturer. The PVC will be picked up, ground up and re manufactured into new Cellular PVC boards.

PVC board scraps must be separated and not mixed with other waste products. All scrap must be free from metal fasteners and cannot be painted or stained.

On site PVC Recycling

Recycling PVC Trim  is not difficult to do it just takes a bit of thought ahead of time.

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