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Fypon PVC Trellis System

Fypon Trellis

When contractor Steve Roth purchased a dilapidated 1900s era two-story home during a foreclosure sale in Archbold, Ohio his mind was set on transforming the structure into a duplex home. He used a variety of low-maintenance building materials to replace rotting exterior materials. One of the products he used, a PVC trellis system from Fypon, helped create a welcoming entryway for part of his new duplex.

“Every product I use has a synthetic tie-in that makes it easy to maintain,” says Roth. “When it came time to look at accent pieces I turned to Fypon urethane and PVC products. I trimmed out every window and door opening with Fypon by using pilasters, cross-heads and moldings. I even added character to the house by using PVC Column Wraps to surround ugly wooden posts on the front porch area. But, the showpiece is really the trellis system … and it’s extremely easy to install because it comes in a kit.”

The Fypon PVC Trellis System comes as a complete kit including out-lookers reinforced with PVC for durability, attractive beams, lattice and hardware. The PVC pieces come in smooth white that are easy to put together in just a few hours to create an accent trellis for over a garage or home entryway. There are two sizes available to accommodate either single- or double-car garages. Or, as Roth did, the trellis system can be fabricated for alternative settings, such as over home entryways, garden sheds and free-standing garages.

“Like all the Fypon products, this trellis system adds architectural distinction to a home while resisting rotting, decaying, warping, splintering, mildew growth and insect infestation,” says Roth. “It’s an easy out-of-the-box and onto-the-house kind of project that any DIYer can do in just a few hours.”

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