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Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Frame-less Glass Shower Stall Enclosures and Doors

Semi frame-less and frame-less glass shower enclosures have been around for awhile and have always been associated with a timeless look of quality and classic design.

Today’s bathrooms differ greatly from the bathrooms decades ago.  Bathrooms today are more comfortable and are designed as places to relax and unwind; your own private grotto.

Most of the frame-less glass shower enclosure situations I deal with are custom made to fit a custom shower.  Crafted in any custom configuration from square, round, rectangular, neo-angle, D-shaped.

Some of the more exciting frame-less glass shower enclosures are custom made and surround custom showers similar to the wood framed shower bench pictured on the right.

All frame-less glass shower enclosures are made of tempered glass and come in many varieties of finishes, styles, glass textures and patterns to aesthetic appetite.  Because of their unique design they require  quality hinges and hardware in order to operate properly.   are self closing or soft closing and have integrated water seals.  Some of my favorite are stainless steel and nickel finishes but ultimately you want to match your plumbing fixture finish.

If you decide on making a custom frame-less glass shower enclosure I highly suggest looking at Basco or Oasis shower doors

Basco offers a glass coating called AquaGlideXP which is an ultra-protective coating bonds with the glass to increase sheen and luster and prevent spotting, soap scum and mineral deposits.








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