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Retrofitting Mud Sill Foundation Anchors

Quick, easy and alternative solution for retrofitting or installing cast in place  mudsill anchors

Dear Concord Carpenter,

I am building a woodworking shop outbuilding in my yard and screwed up the spacings of my mudsill ½” anchor J-bolts.

Several are misplaced, too shallow or angled to far and I also need to add a few additional bolts to pass code.   Hindsight is 20/20 and I wish I had the proper information before I did this.

What are my options?

Thanks, Allen P.  Newark, NJ


Dear Allen,

Misplaced and improper depth of mudsill j bolts is not uncommon and luckily you have several options.   Once your sure your mudsill is properly in place and square you can drill through the mudsill and concrete and install ½” ex

panding bolts with a washer and nut.

Another option which I feel is faster and a more efficient use of time is to install SIMPSON Titen HD Anchors.   I use the Titen HD anchors instead of cast in place mudsill anchor bolts, their way faster to install and save on labor costs.

My reasons for using the Titen HD anchor is that I can layout my sill plates after the pour and install my anchors all at once exactly where I want them and in the right locations.

The threads on the Titen HD Anchor are specially hardened cutting threads and cut into the masonry to secure  a mechanical lock and provide superior load resistance.

These fasteners come in zinc and galvanized finishes and  12, 13, 14 and 15 inch lengths and provide code compliance with SIMPSON hold down anchors.

To install the Titen HD anchors all you will need an SDS hammer drill to drill pilot holes, and compressed air to clean out the hole.  Lastly you will need an impact wrench or driver to drive the Titen anchors.

You should be able to get the Titen HD Anchors at your lumberyard.

Hope this helps!


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