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Fixing Your Mistakes

Repairing as saw kerf mistake:  fix it don’t scrap it!

My friend always teases me saying that I make everything look so easy.  “You never show the mistakes or screw-ups, whenever I try to do a DIY project it always takes me longer and I screw up something along the way.” Fixing Your Mistakes is important to do.

Well, Dan here you go . . . .  I screwed up!

The other day I was making a paint grade window seat for a client.  I was about to crosscut the window seat lid on my table saw and when I was positioning it the nosing came in contact with the blade and left a saw kerf in the wrong spot – Oops!

A saw kerf is a groove that a saw blade leaves as it enters the wood.

I had already invested a lot of time in this lid.  It was cut and sized as well as a bullnose edge was applied.  Instead of redoing the piece I decided to fix my mistake.

I cut a strip of nosing material the same size as the saw kerf and glued it into the saw kerf.  Later when it dried I used my Japanese pull saw and trimmed the piece as flush as I could and then sanded the repair to the bullnose profile.

Simple fix and it did not slow me down or waster materials.

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