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Filling Radiator Pipe Holes In Floors

Patching Radiator Holes In Floors:  Antique Floors


Dear: Concord Carpenter,

I recently removed several radiators from my 300 year old home. The floors are antique and I do not want to replace the floor boards if I don’t have to as I may be unlikely to replicate the patina. Do you have any creative ideas on how I can fill the floor holes left by the absent radiators?

Thanks for your earlier help!
Dominique R



Do you have any similar extra flooring in the basement, attic or barn?   If you do you can use it or similar new wood of similar species to patch your floor.  I have done this dozens of times with huge success.

Patching Holes In Hardwoord Floors:

Here’s what you do:

1.  Use similar to match your flooring

2.  Trace your existing hole.  I use paper over the hole and then use a pencil to lightly trace over the hole.

3.  Transfer your pattern to the wood patch

4.  Cut your wood with a band saw or jigsaw.  Cut your patch or plug with a slight taper.

5.  Use a random orbital sander with 80 grit paper to fine tune the wood patch until you have a perfect fit.

6.  Use glue and and hammer to tap the patch into the hole.

7.  Sand flush – use a sharp chisel and micro sanding on the patch if you don’t want to scratch the surrounding flooring.

8.  Mix stain to blend the patch to the existing floor.


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