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Fiberglass Insulation Just Got Better!

Fiberglass insulation, the most common type, of insulation accounts for more than 75% of the insulation found in homes and buildings.

CertainTeed recently started manufacturing a fiberglass insulation batt called “DryRight” with a breathable film called MemBrain to help control moisture within wall cavities.

DryRight’s pores open under moist, humid conditions during the cooling season and close to block vapor transmission when humidity is low inside during the heating season. The result, the manufacturer says, is a product that controls moisture, mold, and mildew growth within wall cavities.

Knauf Insulation unveiled “Perimeter Plus,” a loose-fill fiberglass insulation product that is designed to be blown into closed cavities behind a net. The manufacturer says this system offers consistent coverage and fills gaps and voids in wall cavities better than traditional batts.

Johns Manville has manufactured an impressive spray-in fiberglass system called “Spider” which offers some properties and benefits similar to spray foam insulation.

Spider’s fibers are mixed with an adhesive and sprayed into wall cavities and allowed to cure. It completely fills voids and gaps, the manufacturer says, and eliminates areas where air infiltration and energy loss may occur.

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