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Festool MFH 1000 Multifunction Stool

Festool Multifunction Workshop Stool Reduces Fatigue

Festool has a shop stool that double functions as a tool box – on wheels!

The folks at Festool recently introduced their Festool MFH 1000 Multifunction Stool.  The MFH 1000 is a durable, steel-construction, mobile work stool, but also has a ball bearing slide drawer for tool storage.

The Festool MFH 1000 Multifunction Stool is a combination mobile work stool and storage cabinet, and is perfect for the workshop.   This is a very sturdy workshop item, measuring: 27″ long, 17 1/2″ wide, 21″ high.

I find that specialized tasks such as sharpening tools tends to fatigue my legs, back and neck from prolonged bending and looking down at my workbench.  By using the MFH 1000 and lowering my tools to a shorter bench I was able to comfortably perform all of my sharpening applications fatigue free.   I also found the MFH 1000 an asset when sanding built in bookcases – no more bending and crouching.   Sanding is no longer an arduous chore.

I’ve been using the  Festool MFH 1000 Multifunction Stool in the shop for two weeks now and it is what my lead carpenter calls “diesel!”  Its solid, well constructed, does not tip over and is a dream to use.  Well done Festool!

The mobile  MFH 1000 is  quipped with a roller bearing slide drawer, interior shelf, and pegboard sides for additional tool storage.   The MFH reduces time spent searching for critical equipment, making you more efficient in your operations.    The front two wheels lock to prevent accidental rolling.  The unit can also serve as a base for the Work Center WCR 1000.

A comfortable rubber seat and large durable rubber wheels make moving around a project a breeze.  Next to the rubber seat are three small wells for holding fasteners and other small parts so that they don’t fall on the floor while you are working.  I would like to see Festool make one of these wells a magnetic parts holder.

Festool seems committed to providing the woodworker and contractor with tools that produce results in less time and with less mess and less stress!

Festool MFH 1000 Multifunction Stool Features:

The Festool MFH 1000 Multifunction Stool will sell for approximately $350.00

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