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FEIN MultiMaster FMM350Q Oscillating Multifunction Tool

The folks at FEIN recently sent us their new and improved, FEIN MultiMaster FMM350Q oscillating multifunction tool, to test and evaluate.

FEIN  has been inventing and perfecting tools for a long time.  Wilhelm Emil Fein invented the first power tool , and electric drill, in 1895 blazing a trail in the tool industry.  

FEIN invented an oscillating power tool  in 1967, the same year I was born.  Since then they have made improvements to the oscillating tool, set standards and blazed the trail for other manufacturers to copy. 

Today you can find an  oscillating multitool in almost every tradesman’s tool box.  I’ve been using the FEIN MultiTool for about ten years and still remember saying, “why didn’t I get this sooner,”  after I first used it.

What is a Oscillating Multifunction Tool?

An oscillating multifunction tool combines several individual functions in a single unit.  Its diverse range or uses and unrivaled capabilities allow it to be used to;

This tool accomplishes its work through high-speed oscillating [side to side] motion that vibrates up to 11,000 to 19,500 oscillations per minute.

It is the oscillating motion that gives you impressive control without kickback and with little vibration.  A wide array of saw blades, scrapers,  grinding discs, and sanding pads can be used with the tool which is why it has become popular on the job site.

The Job Site Oscillating Multifuntion Tool

The oscillating multitool has become a game-changer for many contractors, mostly for cutting, such as:

Bottom line is that these tools are efficient and ultimately eliminate time consuming tasks that used to take multiple hand tools to complete.

While not a fast cutting tool we like this this saw because it allows money cuts in all types of materials and reaches spots other tools cant all with minimal risk of  damaging surrounding materials.

FEIN MultiMaster FMM350Q Review

Like my older FEIN multifunction tool the FMM350Q is a durable and well made machine.  At 3-pounds, it is well balanced and feels like quality.   

FEIN recently made some significant improvements to the MultMaster and most noteworthy improvements surround three categories:


FEIN is reporting that the newly designed MultiMaster FMM350Q has 35% more power than its predecessors.

The MultiMaster 350Q has a 350 watt, brush-less,  motor with a tacho generator for constant tool speed under load.

FEIN is well known for its quality German engineering and this motor is no different.  It has a durable, overload proof motor, with high copper content, that is designed for powerful continuous operation.     FEIN boasts that the tools armature is perfectly balanced  and protected with ball bearing for smooth operation.

A newly developed motor fan improves tool cooling – a thing that I noticed on my older tool did not have.


Handheld power tools can exposed users to large levels of vibrations in their hands and upper arms.  

Prolonged exposure to intensive tool vibration can cause hand-arm vibration syndrome which results in loss of sensation in the hands or loss of dexterity.

FEIN is advertising that the new FMM 350Q Start produces 70% less vibration.   These new improvements include motor supports suspended by flexible dampening elements which FEIN says have resulted in less vibration and in some circumstances  achieving a class zero in almost all applications.

FEIN claims that when sawing continuously, vibrations only reaches class one.

The study of work-vibrations exposure is a relatively new in North America, although it has been a subject of significance in Europe.   Its refreshing to see that FEIN is interested in investing in worker safety beyond what’s legislated.


FEIN claims that the FMM350Q noise is 50% quieter than predecessors.  Part of this reason is the anti-vibration technology mentioned above.     the anti-vibe system reduces sound pressure.

We compared the new FFM350Q to the older FFM250Q  and confirmed that the newer version was in fact much quieter.  While we did not get a 50% less noise reduction were were using a non-professional decibel measuring device so we will not list that measurement.   suffice to say the difference is noticeable to the users ear.

Other Observations:

I like that FEIN has the variable speed dial recessed at the rear of the tool, protected and out of the way.  This prevents the users hands from inadvertently changing the variable speed settings when manipulating the tool in certain applications.

The 13-foot cord is thick, durable, and has a heavy duty strain boot at the end of the tool.

The accessory change lever opens and locks closed securely and  holds the accessories solid.  Once locked there is no accessory movement whatsoever.

Using The FEIN FMM350Q

Changing accessories witht he FMM350Q is a breeze.   The QuickIN blade changing with FEIN Star Technology (FST) ensures that blades and accessories are secure, and the no tolerance star lock fit allows maximum energy transfer into the blade. 

Changing the accessories is easy enough by lifting a lever and removing a pin. My only concern with the pin is it can be lost.  I work on staging a lot and if the pin falls 20 feet to the ground in a flower bed, and can’t be located the tool is now inoperable until I order a new pin.


With accessories specifically designed for specific applications, the Fein MultiMaster saves a great deal of time and effort in all job site applications.

The FEIN FMM 350Q Start Kit comes with:


Overall Impression:

It’s truly a  multipurpose tool that performs each of its tasks as if it were dedicated to that function alone, while providing great results for your basic renovation needs.

high-precision oscillating tool

The Fein MultiMaster is the ultimate all-in-one system for renovation, restoration, and interior work.  A “Fein” tool indeed!

How Much and Where To Buy?

The FEIN FMM 350Q sells on line here for $ 199.00:  Fein-FMM-350Q-START-BAG


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