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FEIN MultiMaster 250-Q Tool Review

FEIN MultiMaster 250-Q Tool

One FINE day, I came across this “FEIN” tool!

Recently I became the proud owner of a FEIN MultiMaster 250-Q, it’s a 7 in 1 power tool. The Fein MultiMaster is the ultimate all-in-one system for renovation, restoration, and interior work.

This high-precision oscillating tool offers solutions to a variety of problems by acting as a handheld sander, scraper, saw, and more.

• 7-in-1 MultiMaster saws, cuts, sands, scrapes, rasps, polishes, and more
• Operates efficiently and smoothly at up to 21,000 oscillations per minute
• Oscillating action provides stability while requiring virtually no pressure
• Handles safely, smoothly, and comfortably with minimal effort

Fein released the oscillating MultiMaster in 1986. At the same time, they got a patent on the tool, prohibiting other companies from using the same technology, giving them total marketplace dominance.

Now, with the patent recently expired and a number of relatively inexpensive oscillating tools available, Fein is still at the top of the pack, refusing to lower their standards.

Changing the blade or attachments:

The quick change chuck is far superior to everything else I have seen. Other accessories changed out blades and attachments with a Allen wrench. The MultiMaster uses a center bolt, and tab lift lever to put on the blade, sander, or whatever attachment you choose.

Lifting the tab lever releases a bolt in the tools chuck system. Once the accessory is on, just replace the bolt and press the tab back into place and this pulls the bolt back up into the tool and locks it. It’s very easy and cuts a lot of time off changing accessories.


So far I’ve used it to cut back ceiling molding in place, create cutting back some baseboard and to cut door trim back for a piece of flooring. It cut amazing well, and the cuts were smooth


The Fein MultiMaster 250Q Top also comes with a great profile sanding kit. It’s an ingenious little accessory that allows you to clamp, not only a piece of sandpaper, but one of six profiles into the nose of the tool (depending on what you’re sanding). I tested a few of the profiles out and had great success with it.

Dust Collection:

There is also the dust collection system. The Fein, on the other hand, completely eradicates every last bit of dust created by the tool. Literally, 100% of the dust was taken into the system.

The kit came with multiple tpes of grit hook and loop paper.

This is the profile sanding attachment. The orange holder [right side] accepts different sanding profiles and clamps over the sandpaper to hold it securely in place. It worked well!

Sanding head

This head can be turned left right and skewed in different directions to better facilitate sanding operations.

A concave sanding profile.  One of many profiles included in the kit.

Additional sanding profiles.


The Fein MultiMaster rasping accessories are made for rough sanding while creating minimal sawdust and debris. Rasping accessories can be used with the dust extractor for a clean workspace and efficient results.

The Triangular Carbide Rasp is ideal for roughly sanding concrete, stone, wood, and more and the Finger Carbide Rasp fits into narrow spaces and is perfect for artistic craft-work.

Grout Removal:

Fein MultiMaster grout removal accessories are designed for easily cutting through grout, removing damaged tile joints, and milling cracks in plaster, concrete, and more.


Fein MultiMaster scraping accessories easily scrape through any substance in one quick step. Effortlessly remove carpeting, caulk, old paint, and more.
• The Flexible Scraper Blade removes silicone and acrylic caulking
• The Rigid Scraper removes carpeting, adhesive residues, paint, and more


It’s a real pricey tool. In this situation, you get what you pay for! When you hold this tool, its weight and design actually “feel” like quality!

The 250Q runs about $400, but if it’s a tool that you’re going to use with any regularity and particularly if it’s on a job site, it’s worth every penny in time saved on task.

The biggest issue with the FEIN MultiMaster by far is the price and the price of the replacement blades. blades run from $12.00 to $20.00 on average. Specialty diamond blades run as much as $50.00.

A full set-up of this tool, a handful of blades, and the dust collection system is going to run you close to $400.   

Buy one here:

Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Variable Speed Sanding and Scraping/Cutting Tool with Case

Other than that this is one FINE tool!


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