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FEIN Multi-Mount Blades

FEIN Multi-Purpose Oscillating Blades

FEIN was the first and continues to be the benchmark in oscillating tools.   Recently they came out with a new series of blades called FEIN Multi-Mount Blades.

First Impression:

I’ve been using FEIN blades for a long time and only recently started using another brand because of fit and price.

The new FEIN Multi-Mount blades now are compatible with other major brand multipurpose oscillating tools.  the blades have the common 8-star holder and 12-hole mount that allows these blades to fit other tools without an  without adapter.  The blades fir tight with no slop so all of the oscillating power of the tool is transferred to the cutting area.

FEIN Compatibility:

The new mult-mount blades are compatible with the following brand oscillating tools:

Multi-Mount Blades:

The multi-mount blades are offered in two styles each with two sizes.

E-Cut Blades:

the E-Cut blades have bi-metal teeth, offset, high cutting speed.  Designed for cutting  hardwood, softwood and all other wood materials – even with nails. Also very suitable for plastics and drywall. Length 2 in, type 134.

E-Cut Precision Saw Blades

The E-Cut Precision saw blade are designed for high cutting speed and precision due to double row of Japanese-profile teeth.   Saws wood up to 2 in, drywall and soft plastics.  Length 2 in, type 126

Using The Multi-Mount E-Cut Saw Blades

FEIN says that these blades perform 4X faster than competitor blades.  While I did not do any comparison testing I can say that there blades cut fast and last. 

I’ve been using the same blade for two weeks now – yes two weeks.  I have been more than pleased with the longevity of the FEIN E-Cut Universal blade.



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