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FastenMaster Fastening System

FastenMaster Fastening SystemFastenMaster® ThruLok® Screw Bolt

FastenMaster®, a Massachusetts company, known for making contractor quality fasteners that are engineered to enable a professional or serious do-it-yourselfer to complete a project faster, easier and stronger has a super tough way to fasten framing material.

ThruLok Screw Bolt

It’s called the FastenMaster®  ThruLok Screw Bolt Fastening System and is a code compliant fastening system that replaces ½-inch carriage and through-bolts without pre-drilling.
The FastenMaster®  ThruLok Screw Bolt Fastening System is designed to make structural wood to wood fastening and is engineered to meet code all with lower install costs.  This fastener gives you the strength of a 1/2″ through bolt connector and will be a game changer in deck building and post to beam connections.

ThruLok is a three part assembly including a ThruLok fastener featuring the patent pending Paddle Point™, engineered washer, and LOK-Nut. The ThruLok fastener comes in specific lengths that allow contractors to replace their ½” carriage and through bolts in three primary deck applications:

Every box contains a technical bulletin, showing builders how to fasten the application in a code compliant manner. To install, simply drive the ThruLok fastener until it reaches ¼-in. before flush, reach around to threads protruding out the back and hand tighten the LOK-Nut, come back on the other side and finish your drive. The patent pending Paddle Point feature requires no pre-drilling and will tighten itself into the LOK-Nut providing a secure connection and saving time and labor in the process.

In addition, each ThruLok fastener comes assembled, in either a 6 or 24 pack complete with a magnetic 5/16″ driver bit and extra washers. All components are approved in pressure treated ACQ Lumber. FastenMaster ThruLoks are now available in Professional Lumberyards across the country.

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