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Factory Finished Siding

Using Factory Finished Siding and Pre-Primed Siding:

Most people think of using factory finished siding when they are considering using cement board siding.  In my neck of the woods most of the homes are wood clad and I end up using alot of cedar clapboards and shingles for siding these homes.

I’m a big fan of using factory finished siding mostly because it ensures that the primer and first coat of paint is applied properly and under perfect environmentally controlled conditions.   Because the primer and paint are applied at the factory you are ensured maximum durability on your paint job and superior adhesion.  When a painter finishes your un finished siding on your house you have to hope that he prepares the siding properly, uses the proper primer, does not paint in the sun or when the siding is too wet, etc.

Using factory finished siding also cuts down on painting labor because it requires only a finish coat after installation.

When considering using a factory finished siding for  cedar siding its best to choose a vertical or edge grain over a flat-grain species when used as an exterior siding.  Vertical grain siding holds paint  better, is less likely to check and has better longevity.  While natures elements and poor house design all contribute  to the long term performance and durability of cedar siding the  most common cause of premature paint failure and cedar siding decay is moisture.

Benefits of Factory Finished Siding:

 Job site Handling of Factory Finished Siding:

Using factory finished siding ensures that the siding finish is applied under controlled temperature and humidity conditions and results in an ideal platform for the final topcoat adhesion.   When all of the exposed surfaces of the siding are  machine finished, expansion and contraction are significantly reduced in the field. The net result is a superior long-lasting finish that greatly reduces future maintenance and provides long term curb appeal.


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