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Expedition Impossible: Behind the Scenes Episode 2

The COPS: Expedition Impossible: Episode 2


Episode 2 started with all of the teams racing towards a ranch to find an Arabian Stallion and race it through an amazing canyon. The canyon was a nice break from the hot sun and I loved the scenery. We left the starting line in the last group which was a huge set back and meant we had to make up time. I ran into the ranch area just in time to see Jeff from No-Limits get launched from his horse. I remember myself saying, “Man what did I get myself into?” Team cops managed to stay on our horses for most of the ride. After exiting the canyon, towards the end of our time on the horses we changed grades. As the horses were climbing a steeper grade Jim’s horse lost footing and fell sideways off the hill. Jim half fell and half jumped, barely missed hitting his head on a boulder and getting squashed by his horse. My horse jumped over his and kept going; I couldn’t get it to stop. Jim was bruised but uninjured…. I was impressed with his mental toughness and desire to get back on that horse. I’m not sure I would have wanted to …… My memory of riding these Stallions was blurred by the pain in my hands, forearms and legs from holding on for dear life. Riding the horses was probably one of the scariest and hardest thing I did up to that point. Hmmmmmm.. What else could be scarier that that? I’m not telling, you’re going to have to watch. The four mile trek in our rubber kayaks [“Duckies”] was easy and uneventful. We solved the challenge quickly and at that point were in third place ~ things went South for us after that. Remember I mentioned the snake challenge hampered us on this day? The directions told us to race down the river to the finish, if we reach the concrete bridge we’ve gone too far. Well we were still feeling burned from taking a wild goose chase. Jim felt strongly that the clue to the finish was close or just over a ridge. As a result we did a lot of zig zagging and allowed other teams to pass by. Confidence eroded as we debated whether looking for a needle in a haystack was the best tactic or whether we should be racing downstream looking for a neon sign. Toward the end we backtracked to check out a path Jim saw, passing the NY Firemen team. I didn’t know it at the time but our action got them some good airtime debating what we had just done. We walked upstream 200 to 500 yards and decided the path was a dead end. When we turned around and rounded the corner the Firemen were gone and the bridge was in sight. That gave us a new direction – head to the bridge, finishing second to last. Not a good day from tenth to third to eleventh. The ending was a bit Hollywood but fun to watch!!

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