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Elmers ProBond Advanced Glue

Elmers ProBond Advanced Polyurethane Glue

The folks at Elmers just released a new glue that is touted to be the first multi-purpose adhesive that delivers professional strength and versatility without the foamy mess that polyurethane glues do.   Elmer’s ProBond Advanced glue will work on everything from metal to wood or ceramics or stone and it is 100% weatherproof and rated for interior or exterior use.

The advantage of using polyurethane glues is mostly due to its versatility and durability of application.  The bond created, on many materials, is often rated to last as long as the material bonded!

Why Use Poly Glues?

Polyurethane glues have been around for some time and have prevent be an effective adhesive.   Unlike epoxy, Polyurethane glue does not need to be mixed and can be applied straight from the bottle and is paint-able!

Professionals and serious DIY-ers are all too familiar with the time and energy wasted on sanding down or chiseling away cured foam resulting from the use of heavy-duty glues. The negative side  to polyurethane glue is its shelf life, the mess it leaves on your hands and its toxicity to pets and children.


How Much and Where To Buy:

Elmers ProBond Advanced Glue is sold at most hardware stores.   It’s available in two-, four- and eight-ounce bottles for $4.99, $6.50 and $10.99, respectively.




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