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Electric Radiant Heating Systems

Change the way you heat—from the ground up

By Chris Guelpa

For many of us, electric baseboard heaters are simply a fact of life. The faintly acrid smell of burning dust and metallic pings and ticks are just another note in our domestic symphony. Most homes, condos and office utilize these intrusive metal boxes as room specific heat.

There is an alternative to this inconsistent and inefficient heat source; and the answer is right under your feet. Provide room specific heat, that heats via the entire room.

Around for decades, in-floor electric radiant heating systems—or simply ERH—were once utilized only as luxury items in ultra opulent homes. But as technology has improved and prices have come down, ERH systems have become a viable solution for room specific heat in any project.

A thin heating wire is embedded between two layers of durable fabric to create a heating mat. This mat is then installed underneath your floor covering—whether that’s tile, stone or laminate/engineered wood—and controlled via a programmable thermostat. Many ERH systems—such as Nuheat—emit 41 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per square foot, creating consistent heat output through the entire floor area.

And the beauty of these systems is your home is already set up for them. No sacrificing ceiling height for new duct lines, no additional unsightly heating equipment cannibalizing living space.

ERH systems run off standard 120V or 240V circuits, and in many cases, if there’s a baseboard heater in the room, you can simply swap out the baseboard for the ERH system.

And not only do ERH systems provide more consistent, uniform heat, but it’s also healthier. With no moving parts, ERH systems eliminate allergens and dust stirred up by forced air—not to mention, it’s completely silent. Fully encased beneath the floor, ERH is also safer—no hot metal boxes threatening couch-backs, curtains or children. And again, by virtue of being sheathed below the floor, there are no off-gases or particulate discharge as the system ages.

Update the tune of your daily sonnet. ERH systems offer a practical, effective solution to heating a room. Change the way you heat from the ground up.

Chris Guelpa is the public relations officer for Nuheat, For more information call

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