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Elderly Friendly Remodeling

Planning for the Golden years!

There’s nothing worse than seeing older or disabled person unable to enjoy their home or worse, forced to move because the existing conditions are not user friendly.  Elderly friendly remodeling is on the rise.

Elderly Friendly Remodeling

A home that is user-friendly for the elderly and the disabled can be aesthetically pleasing. More and more products today are designed for disabled or elderly applications and have broken the “utilitarian” design mold and are now quite attractive.

If your building a house or performing a large remodeling project I recommend having an architect on the project to think about and plan the entire space so that it not only “works” but looks right!

Elderly Friendly Remodeling Thoughts:

1. Make Things Safer
2. Make things easier to use


One of the most important factors in the design of comfortable housing for the elderly and physically disabled is the proper consideration of safety.

Make Things Easier To Use:

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