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Elastilon And Bamboo Flooring

The Latest in Hardwood Flooringelastilon flooring:  Elastilon and Bamboo

If you’re thinking about installing or updating the hardwood floors in your home, these two new products need to be on your radar.  Elastilon And Bamboo Flooring , recently announced by Lumber Liquidators, make hardwood floors simple and sustainable.  Read on to learn more about these new products.


Though Elastilon has been used in Europe for the last several years, the adhesive underlay has just begun to gain popularity in the United States. A product for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals, Elastilon allows solid and engineered hardwood to be installed anywhere in a home, even over concrete, without the use of nails, screws and glue.

Elastilon’s revolutionary peel-and-stick membrane design has a permanently elastic cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene construction with a non-toxic, self-adhesive upper surface.  This membrane bonds with the hardwood, creating a permanent seal and continuous tension across the boards to prevent gaping, warping or buckling.  Elastilon also allows hardwood floors to naturally expand and contract with humidity changes, eliminating cupping.

With its easy three-step installation process, the adhesive underlay can cut installation time by 70 percent, and the floor can be used immediately.  Elastilon also provides cushioned comfort underfoot and reduces airborne and impact sound transmission.

Homeowners can find more information and purchase Elastilon from Lumber Liquidators at $214.99 for 107.64 square feet coverage per roll.

Hand-scraped Bamboo Flooring

Because bamboo is a grass and regenerates faster than trees, this renewable resource has grown in popularity as homeowners look for sustainable flooring options. However, the contemporary look of a typical bamboo floor is not for every style or home. For those homeowners looking for a more traditional style with the same sustainable qualities you’ll be interested to see the latest innovations from Lumber Liquidators. Earlier this year, the hardwood retailer added Morning Star handscraped bamboo to its offerings.  Available in three finishes, Morning Star hand-scraped bamboo flooring has the same look and feel of traditional hand-scraped floors. The antique look of hand-scraped floors compliments the latest rustic and country style popular in today’s home design trends.  Hand-scraped floors are reminiscent of the floors of old farmhouses and taverns, when each board held its own distinctive story.

Lumber Liquidators also offers numerous varieties of hand-scraped floors from Virginia Mill Works in both solid hardwood and engineered flooring.


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