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ECHO Pro Attachment Series

ECHO Pro Attachment Series: Labor Saving And High Value Meet!

As a carpenter I’m always looking for a quality tool that will give me the most options to get things done, saving me time and money. That desire translates over to my home well.
Working in the yard can be a great source of stress relief for me but I still want a powerful, well built tool that allows me to do a great job. For me I need a tool that can do everything I need, is reliable and will last the test of time.

ECHO, an industry leader in professional-grade hand-held outdoor power equipment and chain saws for over 30 years has recently come out with a new, versatile interchangeable landscape tool system called ECHO Pro Attachment Series.    ECHO has been making professional tools for years and now they have a versatile system that is geared toward residential applications.

What I like the most about this system is that two power sources work in conjunction with 14 commercial-grade attachment.

ECHO’s Pro Attachment Series is powered by ECHO’s Power Source. ECHO has two power sources, the PAS-225, and the PAS-230.  I liked the PAS-225. It looks like a grass trimmer unit and allows up to fifteen attachments to connect to the tools end.

The 21.2 cc Power Boost Tornado Engine provides sufficient power for professional and residential applications. This unit comes with a 5 year consumer / 2 year commercial warranty.

The beauty of this system is everything runs off of one engine. Only one engine to maintain and you only purchase the tools you need for your property.

Some of the 15 different attachments are:

• Curved Shaft Trimmer
• Straight Shaft Trimmer
• Rapid-Loader Trimmer
• Pro-Torque Trimmer
• Blower
• Brush Cutter
• Curved shaft Edger
• Straight Shaft Trimmer
• Power Pruner
• Hedge Trimmer
• 198 degree Articulating hedge Trimmer
• Tiller / Cultivator
• Pro Paddle
• Pro Sweep
• Pro thatch

Some of the features of the ECHO PAS-225 Power Source are:

• Professional-grade 2-stroke engine
• Single-source power head fits most PAS attachments
• Quick change / Positive placement coupler ensures a secure and hassle-free accessory connection with easy change-out between attachments
• Ergonomic rubber grips at the throttle control and front handle for comfort and to reduce fatigue.
• Vibration reducing engine mounts for greater user comfort and less fatigue.
• 16.9 fluid ounce see through fuel tank for longer running time.
• 5 year consumer / 2 year commercial warranty

The ECHO Pro Attachment Series offers you labor-saving, high-value tools.  You purchase the tools you need when you want and need. Save space in your shed!   You can find the ECHO PRO Series at Home Depot.

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