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Dust Free Sanding

Sanding is probably the least glorious part of any carpeDust free sandingntry or woodworking project but also and important part of the process.

The biggest problem with sanding is the dust, the mess, and the subsequent contaminating your surface when applying a finish.

So whether it’s for health reasons of just a kick ass finish on your project, reducing dust in your shop is important.

Dust collection, shop air filtration  and collecting sanding dust at the source are all part of a team that you should be trying to get on.

Connecting  a powerful vacuum motor to sanding equipment is one simple way to collect sanding dust at the source.  Today you can purchase power tool activated vacuums that virtually eliminate airborne dust generated while sanding.

In my shop I use a DEWALT D27905 Dust Extractor Vacuum for several reasons;  the power tool actuation which turns on the vacuum when you turn on your sander and keep the vacuum on 15 seconds after the sander is turned off and the 3 microns filter which has a 99.97% efficiency when equipped with a HEPA filter.


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