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Duo-Fast CNP-65Y Coil Nailer

Duo-Fast DF225C Coil Siding trim and fence nailerDecking and Trim Fastening

When nailing trim and decking, siding, or fencing precision in the fastening is best achieved thru  hand nailing or screwing.

Production Fastening with a Coil Nailer

When doing production work, nothing is faster than using a pneumatic nailer with a depth of drive setting.

I’ve said this before that time saved is money earned.

Duo-Fast CNP-65Y Coil Nailer

On a recent stair rehab I used my Duo-Fast CNP-65Y Coil nailer to install stainless steel nails on the trim and decking in less than half the time hand nailing would have taken.

The Duo-Fast CNP-65Y air powered siding coil nailer, drives 1-1/4″ to 2-1/2″ CI and CS series plastic collated DuoFast coil nails.

The Duo-Fast CNP-65Y siding coil nailer is great for fencing, siding, sub flooring, sheathing and decking.

This Duo-Fast siding nail gun features a switchable trigger for bump or sequential operation , adjustable depth of drive, no mar tip, and rubber comfort grip.  I always make sure to practice on a scrap piece of wood to ensure that my stainless fasteners are setting to the proper depth.  Here I was looking for a slight set on the trim so the nail holes could be filled and on the decking I installed the fasteners flush.

A real time saver.

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