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Dumpster Bags and Removal Services

How Do They Do It?

By now, we are all used to sorting our household recyclables from our regular trash either for curbside pickup or at the transfer station. What about larger items such as appliances, junk, and construction debris? Many of these items are highly recyclable themselves, or can be broken down into recyclable components, but how are we supposed to sort that for recycling?

Dumpster Bags and Removal Services

Enter the dumpster bag and the dumpster bag removal service GREENBAGPICKUP.COM. Dumpster bags make cleanouts, cleanup, and construction a snap! You may have seen one of them sitting in your neighbor’s lawn or on a job site filled with a variety of debris. Numerous companies sell bags, some even pick them up, but GREENBAGPICKUP.COM goes the extra mile and recycles the contents of your dumpster bag after removal. They even offer to pickup up competitor dumpster bags at the lowest prices in their service area.

Here’s how it works:

Buy any brand/size dumpster bag you like. Fill it with anything* you like- mixing construction waste with junk cleanout isn’t a problem. Schedule a dumpster bag pickup with GREENBAGPICKUP.COM either online or by phone 855-BAG-PICKUP. They route their trucks efficiently to keep emissions and fuel costs as low as possible. You save moneywhen you use a local company like  GREENBAGPICKUP.COM and the contents of your bag go directly a recycling facility, NOT a landfill.

These state of the art facilities use a combination of machine and man power to carefully sort the contents of your dumpster bag. Items that can be repurposed, reclaimed, or recycled are separated out and either processed on site or sent to appropriate facilities. Approximately 80% of construction & demolition debris is recyclable and could end up as your next wood chipped park path, road patch, or even new construction supplies made from recycled materials. Many “junk” items, such as old metal patio furniture, can be broken down into recyclable parts for processing. The waste that isn’t recycled is compacted and used biomass fuel which powers homes and business reducing the demand for fossil fuels.

Keep dumpster bags and GREENBAGPICKUP.COM in mind for your next cleanout, cleanup, move, or construction project and you’ll enjoy not only the benefits of a clean space, but also some serious green savings!

*For a list of acceptable items visit GREENBAGPICKUP.COM. No hazardous waste is accepted.

Where To Buy A Dumpster Bag?

The cheapest I’ve seen a 3 CUYD is $24.00 online here:   BAGSTER-3CUYD-Bagster-Dumpster-Bag

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