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Falling in LOVE with the dumpster bag ~ Rain Can’t Stop Me Now!

Spring is now in full force and Summer is just around the corner here in MA. It’s always nice to see our friends and neighbors out as the weather warms up and we look forward to summer. Without the forecast of cold & snow, planning summer vacations, activities for the kids, and of course our list of “To Do” items around the house starts to become fun. I even find myself looking forward to my weekend warrior projects thinking I’ll get a tan, a workout, and cleanout he garage so I can get to my mower all at the same time- SCORE!

And then the rain comes….Nothing puts the brakes on my home improvement gusto quicker than some “inclement weather” as our weatherman calls it. You know it is bad when they come up with clever names to gloss over what is really going on: After months of winter the promise of shorts and flip-flops is being broken after just a few nice days in the 70s because of rain. We tell ourselves we need it as we head back inside and postpone our projects, just until the weather gets better.

After years of having to cover dumpsters for my home projects or on job sites to keep them from filling with rain water until I am ready to soldier on, I’ve made the switch to dumpster bags. If it can go in a dumpster, it can go in a dumpster bag! These strong, lightweight, flexible bags are available from a variety of manufacturers in home improvement stores (shop local!) and online. Most can hold over 3,000lbs! Typically the cost to purchase one is $20-$30 and because they store small until used, I can hang onto them until the weather improves. Of course, if I’ve started filling it and some “inclement weather” heads my way, there is no need to put a tarp on top- they are designed to drain rain water!

Falling in love with the dumpster bag concept is easy, but once it is full how do you remove it and what happens to the contents? Not many companies have the right equipment to pickup dumpster bags. Some have high removal fees and don’t seem to care that the junk or construction debris in it is actually recyclable. I use GREENBAGPICKUP.COM for my dumpster bag pickups. They offer to pick up any brand, any size, any shape, any color dumpster bag on the market FOR LESS than competitors in their service areas. They only work with local haulers to minimize emissions. It gets better- they only dispose of debris at recycling centers, 0% gets dumped in a landfill! I don’t have to sort a thing.

Now I love the bag and my removal service. The threat of rain is no longer a worry, let alone an excuse to postpone my home improvement projects thanks to dumpster bags and GREENBAGPICKUP.COM!

Where To Buy A Dumpster Bag?

The cheapest I’ve seen a 3 CUYD is $24.00 online here: BAGSTER-3CUYD-Bagster-Dumpster-Bag

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