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Hi Robert ~I have a question for you. When I remodeled one of my rooms last year, I have one spot where two pieces of drywall meet that I didn’t put enough compound down to hide the edge tapers.The joint is fine but you can see a valley from the tapers. I have already primed & latex but now I would like to fix.Can compound be put on top of latex? Should I rough it up? Take it off? or just apply more compound?

Thanks in advance

Hi Dave,

Thanks for question.

I have asked my painting contractor friend Mark from O’LALOR PAINTING COMPANY to respond to your question.

Hiding Drywall Patch Edges

Mark replies:

Yes compound can be applied over a painted surface but it is very important to scuff the area and wash it with TSP so that maximum adhesion can take place.

If you don’t properly prepare it beforehand it will lift off in sheets within a couple of years.

The washing phase is important for two reasons. First, the TSP cuts the latex sheen and second it removes any ambient dust that would create a barrier between the wall compound and the painted surface.

Good Luck, Mark O’

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