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Drilling Precise Angles

By Ethan Bickford

Angle Finding Jig:

Need to get a somewhat precise angle on a pilot hole or screw?

Check out our quick and easy way for drilling precise holes, or installing screws at an certain angle.

Take your speed-square and line up the 90 degree corner with the center line of the hole you need to drill.

Then start your hole with your drill and tilt the body of the drill until the centerline of the drill lines up with 90 minus the angle you want (in this case I needed a 30 degree angle for pre-drilling railing for screwing balusters into place, 90-30=60).

Keep it lined up and drill away. I like to do a check on the other axis too to make sure that I’m not wandering too much in the other direction.

There is more than on way to skin a cat:

Another method that works well is to cut a 1 x 4 or 1 x 5 at the angle you need and then use that cut to guide your drill bit and drill during the cut.

Either one of these methods will allow you to achieve drilling precise angles



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