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Door Saver II

Door Saver II: A NEW And Improved Door Stop

Every time I go to a builder show I am on the lookout for a cool new innovation that is not going to break the bank.   While at the IBS in Orlando I spotted just what I was looking for, the Door Saver II.

Have you ever seen hollow core door damaged by conventional hinge mounted doorstop?   You know – these are the ones that you pull the door pin off and slip the pin through them.

The DoorSaver II replaced a door hinge pin and prevents door, wall and trim damage by catching both the front and back side of the hinge for total protection. Its unique design uses a cam or cog like mechanism that adjusts to keep the door from opening too wide or the door knob from damaging the wall.

It almost disappears after installation, all you really see is a low profile [over sized] hinge pin.

Door Saver II Features:

• Bumper-less design eliminates damage to doors and trim
• Ultra-low profile in four designer finishes
• Installs in seconds – no tools required
• Hinge mounted to fit all doors
• Won’t work up out of the hinge like conventional hinge-mounted products
• Made from strong carbon steel

Door Saver II Finishes:

The Door Saver II retails for under $5.00.  A well worth investment when you compare what it costs to replace a door or repair damaged wall surfaces and trim.

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