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Door Not Closing Flush

Door Sticks Out | Door Not Closing Flush

The photo above shows a door not closing flush to the door jamb. This is a common issue with door installations and the result often is that the door is out-of-plane with the door jamb.  For this door to close properly, and evenly, the door jamb needs to be in the same plane as the door.

Out of Plane Door Jamb Causes

Out-of-plane issues result in installer error, not installing the door plumb, or when the door is installed on a wall that is not plumb, not completely flat, or “slightly twisted.”

Possible Fixes

When the door’s top corner, [latch side] opposite the hinge side, sticks out away from the jamb, the bottom hinge side of the door jamb/frame needs to be moved out in the same direction as the door is sticking out. This should bring the door into the proper plane.

Note – If the door jamb sticks out past the wall board you may need to add thin strips of trim called extension jambs for the trim to fit properly.

Steps For Repairing a Door Not Closing | Out of Plane

  1. Remove the trim. [maybe we can save, but we’ll bring new
  2. With the door in the closed position, hammer the door jamb/frame in the proper direction.
  3. Use a block of wood between the hammer and the jamb to prevent damage.
  4. Open and close the door to check that the door is tight against the door stop, it should be about flush all the way from the bottom of the door to the top.

Sometimes, depending on the wall, you may need to move all 4 corners of the door (you can move the corners IN and OUT off the wall). splitting the difference by moving multiple corners.

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