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Documenting A Remodel

Taking Photos During A Remodel

Take photographs during the remodeling phase can save time later!  Not only is it often important to document the steps of a remodel but those photos can be useful later on during subsequent projects.

Several years ago I started taking mid-construction pictures of home repair and remodeling projects I worked on with the intention of creating a digital record for future repairs or remodels.

Helps future planning and remodeling

I liked this idea and felt it was good for future planning and remodeling, as well as knowing where to nail and not to nail. For example, where water pipes are located inside a wall.

Guide Home Repairs

This type of information can be invaluable with later home repairs when you’re discussing whether to remove a wall to open up a room or put in a doorway, etc.

Locates Gas, Water and Electrical Lines

Below is an example of some pictures I took to document water and a gas line [yellow] to a to second floor. In the photos I used a tape measure to assist me later in locating exact locations.

Now with digital photography its easy to enlarge the picture to see the tape measure to locate utilities or special framing with in a wall or cavity..

I enlisted a helper below! The reason for this photo was to show where I was pulling my tape from.   The actual measurements are seen in the above photos.

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