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Do PollenTEC Screens Block Pollen?

PollenTEC Reusable Air Filters

Using PollenTEC Screening on a Gazebo


Dear Concord Carpenter,

I’ve found your review on PollenTec today and I’m considering buying this stuff. I’m really allergic to pollen and have to keep my windows close all
summer long… I would like to know if you find that this product is effective for you, did it reduce your allergies.Would you consider using this stuff to filter the air outside on a gazebo for example? Right now I just cannot go outside so anything would be better then nothing!

Thank you for the video on how to installed it and cannot wait to see how you like it and if it still works after some years you are using it.


Dear Pascale,

I found the PollenTEC screening to work exactly as advertised.  I am still impressed at how little pollen the screens allow through them.   I used to have to completely clean my screen porch everytime I wanted to use it.  I’ve noticed that I had to do this much less this year.I would recommend it on your Gazebo but understand that it does reduce visibility by approximately 33%.   the screens have a much tighter weave than conventional screening and as a result the visibility suffers.

~ AConcordCarpenter

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