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Do I Need A Building Permit


Building Permit Considerations

A frequent question often asked is “should I get a building permit?”
Building codes have been established by most cities and towns and can vary considerably from one jurisdiction to another.
A building permit is a document issued by a city or town building department to insure changes to structures are completed according to established building code and to regulate the safety and purpose of buildings.

When do You Need A Permit?

Generally a permit is required whenever structural work is involved or when the basic living area of the home is to be changed.
A construction permit is needed for all new construction. In many cases, a permit is needed for repair or replacement of existing fixtures, such as replacing windows.
Other, separate permits for plumbing, electrical or mechanical work maybe needed for any addition or changes to a building’s existing system; for example, moving or adding an electrical outlet requires a permit.
Do I Need A Building Permit?  Not sure, then ask a contractor who works in your city or town if you need a permit – they will know to local requirements or check here.
If your hiring a licensed contractor it is their responsibility to obtain a permit.
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