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Dishwasher Buying Guide

Dishwasher Buying Tips:

Older dishwashers, ten years or more, are neither energy efficient nor water efficient.  Often times using between 8 an  15 gallons of water per cycle.  Purchasing a new Energy Star rated dishwasher can save you 1,000 gallons or more water per year as well as use 10-13% less energy.  The following dishwasher buying guide can help you make an educated purchase decision.

Dishwasher Buying Tips:

Energy Star appliance:

To be qualified as an Energy Star models the dishwasher must use 41 percent less energy than non-qualified models.

Gallons per cycle (gpc):

Energy Star doesn’t factor water savings into its dishwasher ratings.  Find out how much water a new dishwasher uses per wash cycle. New Energy Star rated models use four gallons per cycle (gpc), depending on their size. Models with cycle options allow you to select between heavy-duty washing, light, energy-saving or quick wash cycles to use different levels of water.


Purchase a dish washer that suits your needs. Compact models for two or less people,  standard or larger capacity washers for larger needs.  Obviously a larger than needed washers is a waste if it’s used and not filled to capacity.

Air Drying vs Heat:

Some new models have an air-dry feature, which saves energy use.

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