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Dickies Short Sleeve Ultimate Work Shirt

Dickies Short Sleeve Ultimate Work Shirt on the ACC Job-Site

Here at A Concord Carpenter we encourage our professional readers to enhance their customer experience and improve team cohesion with uniforms. That’s why we love to recommend Dickies Work Clothes to outfit your crew with professional and durable work wear.

With warm weather finally making its way back to New England we want to be prepared with quality clothing that helps us beat the heat and keeps us productive into the hot summer months. Luckily Dickies delivers a Short Sleeve Ultimate Work Shirt new for this Spring that is designed to keep you dry and cool.


First Impression

The Dickies Ultimate Work Shirt sure lives up to its name. I like to wear collared shirts during finish stages of my work or when doing light carpentry to maintain a professional appearance with my customers, but they lack utility compared to this work shirt.

The additional chest pockets, with a secure button closure flap allows you to safeguard important receipts, small critical pieces of hardware, or even just a few screws you don’t want to lose. The left pocket also has a small division perfect for a pen or pencil, keeping you from searching your pockets for a writing utensil or scratching your head trying to remember where you left your pencil.



This Short Sleeve Work Shirt is great for indoor or outdoor work, whether you are trapped in a stuffy shop or getting scorched by the sun outdoors, this shirt delivers cooling technology that helps you beat the heat.

The 100% Nylon Dobby Weave fabric kept me dry with built in wicking technology pulling my sweat from my body which not only helped me stay comfortable while working but also kept my body temperature down. In addition to the nylon fabric the mesh lined vent in the back of the shirt provided noticeable air flow enhancing comfort.


Overall Impression

The overall design of the shirt allows for freedom of movement and is super comfortable on the job. The shirt boast Dickies Dry Performance System which effectively moved moisture away from my body and kept me comfortable and dry.

It also advertises UPF50 +Excellent protection from the sun, which I think is a silly marketing scheme that many outdoor clothing companies brag about, but in my experience pretty much any and every shirt I’ve worn protects me from the sun, from a cotton shirt to a fancy camping shirt.

Regardless we appreciate the functionality, design, and cooling technology of this solid, dare I say ULTIMATE work shirt. The Dickies Short Sleeve Ultimate Work Shirt is ACC Approved!

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