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DEWALT Metal Cutting Reciprocating Blades

DEWALT Media Event – Metal Cutting Reciprocating Blades

Today I attended the DEWALT media event at the Black and Decker University in Towson Maryland.

I got a sneak peek at a ton of new products but one in particular that impressed me was their new metal cutting reciprocating blade.  This blade is an interesting addition to their already numerous accessory line.

DEWALT has long been a leading innovator in tool accessory development and in their typical “not taking their foot off the gas” fashion they’ve developed a reciprocating blade that lasts two times [2x] longer than leading competitor blades.  In fact in the four tests that I observed this blade outlasted other blades three and four times.

According to DEWALT these blades are best used for cutting hard metal materials such as metal studs, duct, galvanized pipe, 5/8″ rebar, 4″ black metal pipe, 1/4″ x 3 cold rolled steel plate, 1 x .06 stainless steel, and angle iron.

DEWALT polled industry professionals who use reciprocating saws and saw blades often, the two most common frustrations users experienced were related to a lack of durability and poor blade life.

The blade itself is approximately an inch longer, it’s wider and thicker than older blades.  The new blades feature a variable pitch of 14-18 TPI that provides a uniquely designed back angle for efficient cut

ting and material removal as well as a proprietary coating that DEWALT is hush, hush about.  Apparently this blade has a higher percentage of Cobalt and a finer grade of Carbide.  Either way this secret combination their using to make this blade has resulted in a superior metal cutting blade.

I watched the new DEWALT blade go toe to toe with competitor blades and outlast them time and time again.  [see photos] I was truly impressed!

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