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DeWalt Magnetic ToughCase

DeWalt Magnetic ToughCase

DEWALT , a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories, announces the launch of the new MAGNETIC ToughCase® Container, a job site accessory storage solution. They recently sent me a free case to evaluate and review.

The MAGNETIC ToughCase Container, which was developed as a result of extensive user research and field-testing, has been designed to meet professionals’ repeated requests for a durable, compact and functional storage solution for bits, hole saws and other common accessories.

It’s versatile:

Available as both a 15-piece fastening set and a 20-piece IMPACT READY drilling/driving set.

It’s super tough:

Constructed from same high-impact resistant material used for DEWALT’s XRPTM cordless drill housing.

It’s compact:

Conveniently fits into users’ pockets or toll belt pouches.

It’s User-Centric:

2 magnets on the lid allow you to attach the case to any ferrous material and built-in hooks on the case backing make it easy to hang from metal.

First Impression:

Seeing that I find myself having to repair my cases with electrical and duct tape and then end up buying a new drill storage case every few months, I really like this one. It’s most definitely going to survive the hazards of the job site and many falls to the ground!

The case, hasp and hinges, which are two of the weakest sections on most other cases, are beefy, and have a rugged, quality feel to it.

Below is the metal hasp.

Below is the beefy three knuckle hinge.

The magnet was strong enough to securely hold a bunch of drill bits and other accessories securely on my band saw. This will come in handy when working in basements or near metal duct work.

Two magnets on top of the lid allow users to adhere the case to any ferrous material, and the rubber bumpers prevent the case from sliding. The built-in hooks on the back of the case make it easy for users to hang it from most materials, such as electrical boxes, which gives contractors the ability to focus on the task at hand and quickly finish the job.

This is one very cool storage case. I can see this case used in all of the trades as well as homeowners who like to keep their bits and accessories organized.

It’s an innovative solution to a common storage problem.

See other Toughcase options

Buy your DeWALT Toughcase here

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