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DEWALT Lightweight Circular Saw DWE575

DEWALT DWE575 7 1/4-inch Circular Saw

DEWALT recently redesigned their circular saw, trimmed a bunch of weight off it and are now offering the DEWALT Lightweight Circular Saw DWE575.   At 8.8 pounds, it is now one of the lightest contractor saws in its class.

The DEWALT Lightweight Circular Saw DWE575 was designed to cut framing material, plywood, siding, and exterior siding and trim materials.

DeWALT’s development team clearly spoke to contractor professionals in order to improve and redesign this sidewinder saw.  By listening to the end users DEWALT was able to address old sidewinder problems and to create a lighter, tougher saw.  I love the fact that they took a great design and made it better.

First Impression:

This saw is light!    It is also well balanced, comfort and ergonomically well  design.

Easy to adjust levers and a 57 degree bevel make this saw easier to adjust and also achieve bevel cuts other saws can’t.  I know the increased bevel will come in handy cutting and framing rafters.

This saw has a heavy-duty aluminum shoe to better withstand falls and  job-site conditions.  I found the plate perfectly square with the blade, when zero-ed, right out of the box.

The DWE 575 also has DEWALTS ToughCord™ system to resist cord pullout and damage.  Let’s face it as carpenters and contractors we constantly raise and lower our saws by the cord.    DEWALT chose not to hide their head in the sand and instead embraced the fact that we often use tools in ways not recommended by the manufacturer.   As a result DEWALT was able to improve on a circular saw Achilles heel, common failure point.

Using the DEWALT Lightweight Circular Saw DWE575:

The DWE575 has a  ball-bearing, anti-snag lower guard design that I found worked flawless even with thin cut offs and rips.  It is smooth, fast and quiet.

The DWE575 was so light I found it a joy to cut with.   The reduction in weight does not mean a reduction in power and the 15 amp motor cut everything I put it against as well or better than my current sidewinder saw.

I liked the extra long cord and only wish this saw came with a protective, carry case.

Tool Review Video:

Overall Impression:

The DEWALT Lightweight Circular Saw DWE575 is one light and tough saw.   

I especially liked the Tough-cord, the 2 9/16″ depth of cut and the 57 degree bevel.   All outstanding, game changing, improvements.

It performed so well that it has found a permanent home in my toolbox, replacing another brand.   Highly recommended.

How Much And Where To Buy:

The DEWALT Lightweight Circular Saw DWE575 can be purchased for $102.00 online here:     DEWALT-DWE575-4-Inch-Lightweight-Circular

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