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DEWALT Heated Jackets

DEWALT Heated Jackets

By Phil Benevides

DEWALT announced at the end of July they would be releasing a line of battery powered heated jackets. With the recent release of Milwaukee’s heated hoodies, its safe to say the competition is warming up between these two tool giants.

The DEWALT Heated Jackets run off of either the 20V MAX or 12V MAX Lithium Ion batteries through a USB power source, which can also be used to charge up to two electronic devices. See our news release of the DEWALT USB Power Source.

DEWALT Heated Jackets are being offered in four distinctive styles, all offering a water and wind resistant outer shell, three temperature settings, and the heat is controlled by an LED remote.


DEWALT Heated Jacket Styles

The Soft Shell Work Jacket features 4 heating zones, 5 pockets, and adjustable cuffs/waistline. This is a simple design, that is informal enough to wear to the job-site and discrete enough that you can casually wear it on the weekends.


The Hooded Work Jacket features 3 heating zones, 4 pockets, and an adjustable drawstring in the hood. This “jacket” has a twill outer shell and the jacket is more like a hoodie.


The True Timber Camouflage Jacket features 4 heating zones, 7 pockets, a noise limiting camouflage outershell, and removable hood with neck and face guard. This design is clearly geared towards your outdoors-men. The True Timber Camouflage Jacket can be purchased in True Timber Camo or Blaze Orange Camo.


We are excited to see how DEWALT answers to the innovative and popular Milwaukee series. If you want to find out you can get these jackets/hoodies bare or in kits. The bare jackets and kits retail prices range from approximately $150 to $230 and are available where all DEWALT products are sold. The kits include:



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