DEWALT Festool and Makita Track Saw Head to Head

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Market Price

Winner: Makita SP6000J

Budget is an important consideration when buying tools. Currently Makita’s is the lowest priced, with DEWALT coming in second, and Festool being the most expensive (no surprise there). In fairness most users recognize that Festool is almost always considered a different class of tools, but as other components of our test demonstrate the DEWALT and Makita produce as high a quality of cut and deliver excellent dust collection.

Makita SP6000J Track Saw Review 2


Winner: Festool TS 55 REQ

This is a precision tool and needs a good case for protection and accessories. Systainers are known to be durable and easy to use. The case insert has molded spaces for all the accessories that come with the saw and even space for the accessories that are NOT included. There’s also a photo on the cardboard insert on the underside of the lid that shows you where everything goes. Finally, because Festool features the removable power cord, you will never run into the age old case problem of no room for the cord!

Festool Tracksaw TS 55 REQ

The Makita SP6000J comes with a roomy plastic case with molded spaces for some accessories and plenty of room for the rest. The saw does not seat as well in the case as it does for the other saws but the size is right so the tool does not move much in the case. We put the Makita case at second place.

The DEWALT DWS520 case is good sized but doesn’t have an easy spot to store basics like track clamps and the cord while generously long is a bit stiff and hard to coil up and get in the case. DEWALT comes in last in this category.


Winner: Festool TS 55 REQ

Accessories can really enhance the overall usefulness of a tool, by expanding its capability and scope of use. Not really an objective view of the tool but we found it important to review for this head to head. With “System Integration,” Festool has a wide array of accessories that allow for use of the tracks with other tools in the Festool line and allow for a great deal of versatility with the TS55 REQ. This includes the usual:

  • Miter gauge guide rail attachment
  • Right angle guide rail attachment
  • Router guide base
  • Guide rail connectors
  • Clamps (quick release and screw F-style)
  • Multi-function table
  • Detachable cords that work with all Festool tools

However, do not enter into this system lightly, as the cost for this level of engineering and quality is very high. As we discussed previously the Festool is not cheap.

DEWALT Festool Makita Track Saw Head to Head 4

Makita’s SP6000J and DEWALT’s DWS520 are pretty much tied in this category and feature miter gauge guide rail attachment, router guide base (keep this in mind if you own a DEWALT or Makita router), guide rail connectors, and clamps. Makita  does makes a rip guide similar to a circular saw rip fence, which is great when you want to use the saw on small work pieces that would make the 55″ track awkward to use. Unfortunately, this doesn’t put the Makita ahead over the DEWALT. Bottomline, you can’t really compare these saws to the myriad of accessories that Festool offers.

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