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DEWALT Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blade

Testing The DEWALT Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blade

At a recent visit to DEWALT in Towson Maryland I had the opportunity to get a peek at their Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blade in action. After watching the demos and using a saw equipped with the blade I can tell you that this type of technology is a game changer when you consider the time and effort changing those cheap abrasive blades.

The DEWALT Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blade provides 100X the life vs. standard DEWALT chop saw wheel and was designed to get the job done easier, safer and faster. This blade was made with real world, job site punishment in mind!

Diamond Saw Cut Applications

The DEWALT Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blade is specifically designed for industry professionals who cut metal pipe, steel studs, angle iron, rebar and threaded rod using a chop saw, the Diamond Edge blade makes use of advanced brazing technology and premium diamond grit for increased speed and longer life compared to standard DEWALT blades.

How Much and Where To Buy?

The Diamond Chop Saw Blade retails for approximately $249, the product will come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.  according to DEWALT this blade will save the end user $350.00 over the life of the blade. [depending on usage and cutting]

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