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DeWalt DCL050 LED Area Light

DeWalt DCL050 Area LED Light Review

As an Electrician I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with a small inefficient flashlight.  The power is off and I can’t plug in my work light anywhere.  I can’t say enough good things about the DeWalt DCL050 area light.  Simply a bright, small and lightweight area light.

DeWalt DCL050 Performance

The DeWalt DCL050 LED Area Light features a high, low and off button.  At high it produces 500 lumens, low 250 lumens.  500 Lumens may not seem like a lot but it’s highly concentrated and lights up the area around you perfectly.  This will not replace say a 500watt halogen light but puts the single lamp work light to shame. It produces a strong, narrow beam of light that is perfect for a focused work light.

I’ve been using this light in unlit attics, dark basements and many other dark work spaces.  The hook is a necessity to be able to hang up on pipes, wires, hangers or nails.  The Pivoting head is nice to sneak the DeWalt DCL050 in tight areas or to aim the light exactly where its needed.


My only complaint with DeWalt DCL050 LED Area Light is with the LED pivoting head.  There just isn’t enough resistance and it moves too easily.  There have been a few times that after setting the LED head where I wanted gravity or nearby vibrations from being on a job site make the head drop.  When fully upright I have zero issues with the head moving and the DeWalt DCL050 area light has never tipped over on it’s own on me.


I know a few older electricians who still use the old fashion single light bulb corded work light and I wonder why.  The DeWalt DCL050 LED Area Light is brighter, lighter and cordless.  Why would anyone ever drag another extension cord out when they can just grab the DeWalt DCL050 area light and GO!

You can purchase the DeWalt DCL050 area light online for $53.

Dewalt  DCL050 Video Review


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