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DEWALT Compact Job Site Radio DCR018

DEWALT Cordless Compact Job Site Radio with Multi-Port Interface ReviewDEWALT Compact Job Site Radio DCR018   

I recently had the opportunity to test and review the new DEWALT Compact Job Site Radio DCR018.  You should expect to see this radio in August.

I like music on the job site, if it can be played at a reasonable level and does not offend the customer or anyone living nearby.

First Impression:

The DCR018 is not the smallest radio out there the Milwaukee and Bosch still beat it in size.  But at 6 pounds this little radio is a competitor especially when you consider that the DCR018 has an integrated power cord and a multi-port that can accept DEWALT batteries from 18 volt Ni-Cad stem packs to 12 volt and 20 volt slide packs for cordless operation.

I also appreciated the integrated cord storage wrap and the side electronic device storage compartment.  This compartment keeps electronic devices from the job site dust and is large enough to hold and store some of the largest Android phones.  Inside this compartment is an Auxiliary port playing music.  It also has a USP port that allows you to charge items like your phone and music player.  It worked perfectly with my  iPhone.

Using the DEWALT DCR018 Radio:

The radio is simple to use.  I like that there is an on off push button and that the volume is controlled by a manual turn knob.  The knob allows quick and easy volume control without searching for or waiting for a slow response or a push button volume control

I found the LCD display easy to see even in bright sun light and especially likes the preset functions.

Room for Improvement?

When powered by the battery I was concerned that that a fall may damage the battery.  I was unable to achieve this with drops at 3 feet but did not do it more than 5-6 times.  I can definitely see this as a potential problem and feel DEWALT should consider extending the roll cage or recessing the batter further.

One item that the DCR018 does not have, that I wish it did, is a mute button.  I LOVE a mute button.  There are many times on the job site when a client shows up or the cell phone rings and you need to quickly turn off the volume on the radio.  DEWALT addresses this a bit with a volume knob but I’d still like to see a large, well marked mute button.  I can’t tell you how many times someone tries to turn off the volume and changes the station or band selection – that just wastes time and is frustrating when it’s time to turn the volume back up.

Probably the best improvement this radio has over my favorite Milwaukee radio is the power cord is larger, attached to the radio and can stored on board with the attached cord warp.  The Milwaukee cord has a large transformer type plug and is the thickness of a cellphone charger cord and plugs into the radio.  As a result it has to be stored separately from the radio.  I’ve always disliked this about the Milwaukee radio and it is a definite improvement.


DEWALT Compact Job Site Radio DCR018  Video Review:

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