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DEWALT I Beam Levels

DEWALT I-Beam Levels A Rugged DesignDewalt I Beam Levels

A year or two ago DEWALT decided to get into the hand tool arena.  They did this with the intention of not reinvent the wheel with yellow paint and stickers but to look a teach hand tool and to see if they could improve it.

So far so good DEWALT has been redesigning hand tools to provide job site solutions to frustrations.

I Beam Levels

This year DEWALT introduced a line of DEWALT I Beam Levels, in sizes ranging from 24 to 78 inches.

What’s New?

The new levels feature an I-beam engineered cross section  that gives the level frame strength.   Block vials were used in the design which allow these levels to be incredibly durable and  provide accuracy of +/- .0005inch/inch. The end caps were engineered with over-molding for impact protection if the level is dropped

The level faces are precision machined for flatness and accuracy.

Not Everyone Wants A Magnet

The DEWALT I Beam Levels are available in both magnetic and non-magnetic models, the magnetic levels feature rare earth magnets to deliver exceptional holding strength on ferrous metal surfaces.


For accurate alignment on rounded surfaces or straight edges, the DEWALT I-Beam levels have a V-groove ground int the base of the level.

Carpenters, masons, deck builders and framers will love these levels.

How Much And Where To Buy?

The DEWALT I-Beam levels are currently available in the independent channel in sizes ranging from 24 to 78 inches in both magnetic and non-magnetic models and sell for approximately


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