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New DEWALT Hand Tools Save Time and Money

News of Stanley Bostitch and DEWALT having  new  hand tools was initially met with mixed responses on the job-site by some carpenters I know  . . .  that is until they started to see, touch and use some of the demo tools I had.

 New DEWALT And Bostitch Tools

Recently I let a few carpenters use the new side strike chisel, model # DWHT16065 and the new DEWALT 15 ounce framing hammer, model # DWHT51138 and and carbide utility blades – yes I said carbide!

Needless to say they were impressed with the innovation and renovation of these tools.  Well now I have a group of carpenters wanting more and anxious to see what else Stanley Bostitch and DEWALT have up their sleeve.

Stanley, Bostitch and DEWALT have  been working hard at renovating and improving existing hand tool designs, as well as showing innovation by coming out with completely new tool inventions.

What most people do not realize is that over 130 hand tools have been released in 2001.  Out of the 130  there were 19 world first innovations and 16 new patents.

When deciding to come out with a hand tool line, DEWALT wanted to avoid painting a Stanley tool yellow  in what they call  “lick and stick” manufacturing.  Instead they looked at the tools, noted where they would fail, spoke to end users and observed how they used these tools.

For each tool the result of their research ended with improvements  to ergonomics, cutting edges, reinforced failure points,  reduced play in components, flushed hardware to avoid the tool catching on the tool pouch, and upgrades, all or which resulted in a tougher , easier and faster to use tool.

Here are some of my favorite new hand tools:

Stanley Carbide Utility Blade:

Who doesn’t want a utility blade that lasts 5 times longer than conventional blades?   I certainly do.  These new CARBIDE utility blades (11-800, 11-800T and 11-800L) have a carbide cutting edge and last a long time.

I’ve been using these for several weeks now and am amazed at  how long they last.  I carry two fixed utility blades and often designate one for nasty cutting and the other for clean cutting. Now I don’t have to worry about it.   I rely on the durability of these blades to cut through many different materials such as asphalt shingles, rubber flashing, drywall, wood and tyvek.  I need and rely on sharp blades.

The folks at the New York Hand Tool event explained that these blades are made with a high-powered laser technology to deposit tungsten carbide powder onto the edge of every blade.

Diamond wheels are then used to grind a sharp finished angle on each CARBIDE blade. This high-speed process creates a durable and long-lasting edge while maintaining a flexible steel blade body.   Cool huh?  Wait til you try them.

The new Carbide Utility Blades are currently available. The blades are expected to retail in packs of five (11-800) for approximately $4.99, packs of 10 (11-800T) for $7.99 and packs of 50 (11-800L) for $24.99.

Money well spent – trust me on that!

Emglo Compressors:

I know were talking about hand tools but I also learned that Emglo is coming back!   Yup – Emglo Compressors  fall into this tool family and are now introducing  two new heavy-duty, 1.1 HP, four-gallon air compressors.

I used an Emglo compressor when I first started out in the trades eighteen years ago – that compressor was ten years old then and recently died.    That’s impressive durability and longevity!  I’m excited to see these compressors – Emglo has a trades tough reputation and will no doubt be a game changer at the job site!

What’s New with Emglo?

The Heavy-Duty Four-Gallon Stacked Tank Contractor Air Compressor (E810-4V) hand carry compressor an the Heavy-Duty Four-Gallon Dolly-Style Stacked Tank (EM810-4M).

Designed just like I remember them.  Theyare designed to address contractors’ frustrations with performance, durability and reliability on the job-site.  The new Emglo compressors are designed for the trim carpenter, remodeler, framer, roofer or flooring professional. They can support up to four brad or finish nailers or two framing, roofing or flooring nailers at once.

Both the  E810-4V and EM810-have oil-lubricated pumps with cast iron cylinders, a site glass, allowing you to see the oil level, and a super easy tool less quick release drain plug. A nice feature!

The compressors have 1.1 HP motors and produce 4.0 cubic feet per minute (SCFM) at 90 pounds per square inch (PSI).  One nice feature of the Emglo, and other quality compressors, is a dual soft-start valve for faster cold morning starts.

How about noise”  Or rather lack of noise.   At 83 decibels this compressor is much quieter than my current compressor.

The compressors also have wrap around frames that protect the compressor motor and pump as well as a pair of 10 inch pneumatic wheels that allow easy  movement and maneuverability.  At 56 and 88 pounds respectively these units are well balanced easy to maneuver.

The hand-carry Emglo E810-4V is currently available at Lowe’s and carries a suggested retail price of $259.00.

The Emglo EM810-4M is currently available and will carry a suggested retail price of $349.00.

DEWALT Toughsystem Storage Boxes:

If you have been a follower of this site you know I’m a huge fan of tools and techniques that will save time and effort.

Time saves money and less effort means less aches and pains!

This storage system is not only tough, it’s innovative and will no doubt save me time and money.

Here’s what I like:

The system consist of three storage boxes and a transport system that also substitutes as a two wheel dolly that can carry up to 260 pounds.

The three modular storage units (DWST08201, DWST08203 and DWST08204) and metal carrier or dolly (DWST08210) allow to customize your everyday tools into a fast and easy way to transport your tools to where you need them.

The boxes have four-millimeter structural  foam, are stack-able and have a super tight water seal for tool, these boxes reminded me of  a lighter version of pelican boxes.

I envision setting up the several box configurations:  a demo set up and a finish set up.  with one dolly and different dedicated boxes I can take exactly what I need to the job site depending on the daily application.

The storage options are sold separately and expected to retail for the following prices:

DEWALT 15 ounce Framing Hammer

Have you ever heard of a 15 ounce framing hammer?

Not on the job-sites I’ve been on – in fact you’d be laughed off the site if you showed up with a 15 ounce hammer.

I’ve been using this innovative framing hammer for several months and love it.  It is lighter and more powerful than a  conventional framing hammer and I have definitely noticed led arm fatigue as a result.

This is one of those tools that you need to see to believe.  considering that this hammer costs a quarter of a titanium hammer I’d say DEWALT hit a home run on this one!

The DEWALT engineering team use MIG Weld Technology to match the weight of leading titanium hammers.

This hammer is currently available at The Home Depot as well as independent distributors and is expected to retail for approximately $59.99.  Compare that to a titanium hammers price.

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