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DEWALT 20V Band Saw DCS371M1

 DEWALT 20V Band Saw DCS371M1DEWALT 20V Band Saw Kit DCS371M1

I recently had a chance to use DEWALT 20V Band Saw DCS371M1 tool at the Stanley Black and Decker Media Event at the Westin Hotel in NYC.   While I always enjoy my visits to the Big Apple the Westin hotel is no job site and so I can not report back to you on how well this tool performs under real job site conditions.

DEWALT Handle Innovation

I was impressed with the innovation and attention the detail DEWALT put into this saw, especially the handles and their locations.

DEWALT has invested a lot of time, money and research into designing their tools to provide superior balance and ergonomics.  These efforts can be seen in their cordless drill handles all the way to the placement of the handles on tools like this band saw.  Finding that sweet-spot or perfectly balanced grip nirvana and immediately noticed “ergonomic feel” helps the user to make a more accurate cut, improve the overall tool-using experience and most importantly reduce fatigue.

Thoughtful Engineering

This engineering approach to current and new tool designs is based on tapping into the human subconscious thoughts on design. This is very similar to theory discussed in Malcom Gladwell’s award winning bookBlink,” which talks about “thin slicing.”

The DEWALT team is trying to unlock the secrets of psychology in the details of their tool designs and how to positively impress on a persons first impression.  You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, right?

This current thought is to pay attention to the finest details like gentle sweeps, variable champers, quality coatings and logos are among the few. The old saying “I liked it the moment I saw it or this tool feels durable” is their ultimate goal.

I’m specifically talking about that first moment that you picked up a tool and think, “this feels right.”   First impressions and positive perceptions is paramount in the tool manufacturing arena.

DEWALT 20V Band Saw DCS371M1 Video Preview


TheDEWALT 20V Band Saw DCS371M1 weighs 9.4 pounds and is 15 inches long and has a cutting speed of 570 feet per minute.  It is well balanced and easy to operate.

Like most quality tools these days the DEWALT DCS371M1 has a tool-less lever that loosens blade tension and allows the user to change the blade, it does however have a blade tension wrench.  A well placed hanging hook for stowing the tool in between cuts and an LED Work Light with 20 second delay illuminates the cutting area well.

The DEWALT DCS371M1 has a 2-1/2″ cut capacity cuts up to 2″ SCH 40 pipe which will please plumbers as well!  Stay tuned for a tool review soon.



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