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DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Impact Driver

DEWALT 20 Volt MAX 1/4-inch Impact Drivers (DCF895C2, DCF895L2 and DCF895B)


DEWALT just announced they are releasing three new 1/4-inch Brushless Impact Drivers.  This is a first-ever for DEWALT.  At 3.6 pounds and 5-1/4″ in length this new driver looks very similar to it’s 20 Volt older sibling but as DEWALT Product Manager Jeremy Torok says “We like to take things a step further.”

Step further they did, well  more like leap!  The DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Impact Driver is not only brushless it’s has some pretty cool new bells and whistles you need too hear about.

What’s A Brushless tool?

A brushless motor is basically the opposite of what were used to seeing inside a brushed tool motor.  Presently brushed tool motors all have magnets  mounted on the outside and a spinning armature which contains an electromagnet on the inside.

The poles of the electromagnet are repeatedly changed to keep the rotor spinning.  A mechanism called a commutator rubs against the brushes to change the polarity flow and to transfer energy from the tools battery to the motor .  These brushes are spring-loaded and apply constant pressure, which causes friction, generates heat and wastes energy.

Brush-less motors have  permanent magnets on the inside and the electromagnets on the outside.  A computer chip replaces the commutator and brushes and charges and changes the poles of the electromagnets.  The tool runs cooler, uses less energy and stays running longer.

In laymen terms  Cordless Brushless (BL) Motor technology provides the user with maximum run-time.  DEWALT claims that their new compact impact driver will have 57% more run time.

DEWALT engineers designed their brushless tool electronics and software to run the motor at its highest efficiency and performance while consuming less energy compared to a brushed motor tool.

The result is what every end-users wants = MORE RUN TIME  between charges!


DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Impact Driver Features:

This DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Impact Driver  has all the bells and whistles of the recently released lithium-ion drill driver and  a few more.

Push Button 1/4″ Chuck:

New to the DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Impact Driver is an innovative push button to release the tool fastening bit.  This allows the tool user to release the 1/4″ bit from the chuck with just a push of a button.  A very nice feature!

3 Speed Switch:

Also new to this tool is a three speed slide switch design.  Now you can easily choose between speeds of 5oo, 900 and 1500 rpm for application specific control in the field.  No more over driving fasteners or stripping screws with this switch you can dial in your fastening.   The 3 speed switch is located out of the way at the base of the handle and on top of where the battery attaches to the tool.

Fuel Gauge:

All of the batteries for brush-less tools will come with a built in fuel gauge to report of the battery charge status.  This fuel guage is activated by a push button and is located on the rear of the battery – facing the user.

The new impact drivers are lightweight at only 3.0 pounds (DCF895C2) and 3.6 pounds (DCF895L2). At just 5 1/4 inches in length, the products are the shortest impact drivers DEWALT offers.

My Interview With DEWALT Product Manager on the DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Impact Driver:



How Much and Where to Buy?

The DEWALT DCF895L2 20-Volt MAX Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed 1/4-Inch Impact Driver sells for $329.00 online here:   DEWALT DCF895L2 20-Volt Lith-Ion Brushless 3-Speed 1/4-Inch Impact Driver

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