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DEWALT 15 Ounce All-Steel, Framing Hammer



DEWALT  15 Ounce All-Steel, Framing Hammer 

DEWALT® has a new 15 ounce Framing Hammer (DWHT51138).  This framing hammer (DWHT51138) is lighter and more powerful than conventional framing hammers.  Most carpenters I know use a 28 or even 32 ounce hammer.  These hammer weights are pretty much an industry standard in framing applications.As I get older I  am always looking for a better, easier or faster way to get the job done.  That includes using lighter tools to reduce arm fatigue.  This trend, moving toward lighter tools,  has led the DEWALT engineering team to use MIG Weld Technology to match the weight of leading titanium hammers while maintaining the strength and durability that DEWALT end users demand.The DEWALT 15 ounce Framing Hammer features a magnetic nail holding slot to set nails in hard to reach areas.  The hammer also has a limited lifetime warranty, and will be available at The Home Depot as well as independent distributors beginning in June 2011.

The DEWALT 15 Ounce Framing Hammer is expected to retail for approximately $59.99.

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