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DEWALT 12 Volt MAX Imaging Thermometer Model DCT416

Imaging Thermometer dewalt 12 volt thermal imaging thermometer

Infrared technology is increasingly present in mainstream the remodeling and building industry.

Infrared, is radiation similar to visible light, but with a slightly longer wavelength. It has less energy than red light – which is the lowest energy light the human eye can perceive. Visible light is emitted by objects at a very high temperature, infrared energy is emitted by all objects at room temperature and below.

Imaging Thermometers allow you to monitor and detect excessive or inadequate temperatures of building systems and envelopes.    Allowing the monitoring of energy loss, building HVAC and electrical systems diagnostics. as wall as help locate heat pipes in walls and floors.

DEWALT 12 Volt MAX Imaging Thermometer:

The DEWALT Imaging Thermometer measures and displays both thermal and visual images without touching the surface of the object.   It has a non-contact temperature measurement (14°F to 480°F)

Visual and thermal images can be blended for quickly diagnosing temperature issues and aiding in documentation, labeling and communication.  this communication can be communicated in the form of a photo and captured on micro SD card for dissemination and documentation purposes.

The DEWALT Imaging Thermometer  has an adjustable emissivity across a wide range of materials and includes PC report writing software.

Watch this video to see the DEWALT 12 Volt MAX Imaging Thermometer Model DCT416 in action:

DEWALT Imaging Thermometer Features:

DCT416S1 Includes:

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