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DELTA 36-6020 10 Inch Portable Contractor Table Saw

DELTA 36-6020 10 Inch Portable Contractor Table SawDELTA Portable Contractor Table Saw Review

By Josh Bordenca

In 1919 Herbert Tautz, the founder of The Delta Specialty Company, recognized the challenges of his time in regards to woodworking, and while working out of his garage, he set out to create new tools for the industry. Fast forward almost 100 years later DELTA still has a strong mindset on quality, innovation and people.

Just over 90 years ago DELTA came out with their first scroll saw, and today we took the DELTA 36-6020 10 Inch Portable Contractor Table Saw to the ACC work shop and job site to get a close look at it. This particular model, 36-6020, weighs in at  92 pounds, with the rolling stand.  The motor spins at 5000 rpm and has a 15 amp induction motor.


Once we received the table saw at the shop, it was difficult to resist tearing open the box and throwing this beast together without even looking at the directions, maybe peak at a picture of two. When the box was opened I was met with 14 parts to be assembled with 11 smaller bags of nuts, bolts of various sizes, and an included Allen wrench.

This does not sound like a lot, however with black and white pictures, and parts that were mislabeled or not labeled, assembly took a little longer than anticipated.

As soon as all the parts were in place, this saw became a force to be reckoned with.

I was slightly disappointed to see a 28 tooth blade included with the assembly. Personally as a carpenter with a multitude of tasks involving a table saw, I would have liked to see a blade with a few more teeth, perhaps at a minimum of 60 teeth. For my testing purposes, I placed an Irwin 80 tooth blade on the saw. Finally, keeping trend with most other table saws on the market, DELTA’s tool free design for the riving knife, blade guard, and anti-kickback pawls, are just that, tool free and easy to install or store.

Job Site Set Up and Safety

A One-step, tubular framed design, with 8 inch durable, job site grade wheels had me setting up all over, with ease.

First and foremost, with any power tool, safety is of the utmost priority. Here at ACC we put safety above all else, and with this table saw, it appears DELTA gave in to the same considerations. What says safety more than a large, easy to access On/Off switch located to the left of the saw.

Delta also incorporated on-tool storage for ALL parts, accessories, and tools. Having all of these things on-board is phenomenal. I have had tools in the past that would store most, but not all. The blade guard, push stick, anti-kickback pawls, and blade wrenches all store on the right side of the tool. On the left you will find a place for the fence and miter gauge. You will find the cord is wrapped towards the rear of the tool. DELTA did this right, everything has a proper place, and is stowed securing, even while transporting the saw to and from job sites.


Operation of the DELTA 36-6020 is what one would expect of a table saw. All standard functions of this power saw operate with ease. The maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees happens to be 3-1/2 inches and 2-1/2 inches at 45 degrees. To achieve the desired blade height and bevel, a crank style handle was incorporated to the design, similar to most table saws.

As mentioned before, all accessories to this saw are on-board. When cutting miters using the miter gauge, the gauge itself has tabs on the end that lock into the channel to which it slides. This is also a fantastic safety feature preventing the gauge from being removed accidentally. The fence, which has a lock on the front and rear, glides smoothly across the table, and when locked, stays locked.

The 2-point locking feature gives stability and accuracy to your cuts, and let’s face it, when using a table saw, those are the types of cuts you want. The width adjustment of the table and fence is equally as smooth, however I would have liked to see the locking lever, lock somewhat tighter.

A bonus feature on this saw, which I have not seen on many table saws, specifically portable table saws, was a rear table extension allowing rear support for materials. Extending beyond what the standard table footprint allows increases single user ability when operating, especially when cutting longer and/or heavier pieces of material. It did not take a lot to engage the extension support. During operation, sometimes even 1/16th of an inch calls for a re-cut, and in most applications, accuracy is a top priority.

Summary of Features


The Delta 36-6020 sells online for $519.99 here: Delta-Power-Tools-36-6020-Portable Table Saw

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