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DELTA 13-Inch Portable Thickness Planer 22-590

 DELTA 13-Inch Portable Thickness Planer Review

Several months back DELTA sent me their 22-590 portable thickness planers to evaluate and review.  I’ve had it for some time and wanted to report my findings to you.

First Impression:

The DELTA 13-inch 22-590 Planer comes with the knives attached, cutter head wrench, dust chute with 4-inch port, and blade magnet.

The DELTA 22-590 is larger than my older model.  It has a patent-pending Infinite Micro-Adjust Depth Stop that allows the tool to be set and locked at depth dimensions from ¼ inch to 1¼ inch.  It has a material capacity of 6 inches high by 13 inches wide,

Unlike my old planer the DELTA 22-590 has a newly designed three-knife cutter head to create a more aggressive angle at wood contact than previous cutter heads, the angle of the blades is claimed to help minimize sanding.  The cutting blades are dual-sided blades can be easily reversed ~ nice feature.

The planer is very sturdy yet mobile and easily affixes to a work bench or stand. The fit and finish are very nice and it is a sturdy looking machine.  The handle adjustments are all easy to use and feel good in your hands.

Two on board, folding storage tables provides for stable in-feed and out-feed adds to the stability of the tool as well as help in reducing snipe.

Two sets of handles, one high and the other low provide a nice way to transport the tool.  [My old planer had plastic straps that were a nuisance]

The DELTA 22-590 also comes with a 4-inch dust port that easily attaches to the machine and can be connected to your in shop dust collection system.

A large red power switch is easily accessed on the front of this tool as is an 18 amp circuit breaker.

All of the important adjustments, including the support tables are capable of being adjusted and tuned.

Using the DELTA 13-Inch Portable Thickness Planer (22-590)

I was happy to find the DELTA 22-590 was set up perfectly, right out of the box – in feed and out feed tables adjusted, depth scale spot on, and it needed minimal assembly.

Three Knife Cutter Head:

I was amazed at the difference in cut from my older DELTA model and the 22-5890 models.   The 3 knife cutter head did provide a smooth cut that what I was used to, with little to no snipe observed

Dust Collection:

You have two options; a dust collector hood or a dust deflector.

The dust collector hood was efficient with very little shavings thrown out the in-feed side of the machine.  After a half hour of planning boards there was minimal chips to sweep up.

The only thing about the dust collection hood that I did not like is once it is attached [four screws] you are no longer able to fold the out-feed table back into the unit.  This is fine if this tool stays in the shop but unacceptable if your transporting it to a job site.

If this tool is for job sites you will have to leave the factory applied dust deflector on or attach the dust collection hood at each site.

The dust deflector deposits all of the shavings and chips onto the board.


The DELTA 22-590 cutter head lock is was easy and simple to operate.  Raising and lowering the cutter head is smooth and easily turned.  What I noticed first was that this handle is geared to allow micro adjustments.  Fine adjustments are a breeze!  One complete turn of the cutter head handle makes for a 1/16” adjustment up or down.

A depth stop is provided and is great for repetitive planning.  Detents are provided for:  1/8, ¼, ½, ¾, 1, 1-1/4 ”

The material removal gauge on the front of the unit indicates the amount of wood that will be removed in one pass.  This is you notice feature to help you gauge your cuts.

I liked this feature.  Before turning on the machine you insert your piece of wood approximately 3” under the middle carriage, lower the carriage until the material removal bar touches the wood, and adjust the height according to the red arrow scale.  Pull the wood out, start the machine and plane away. . . Pretty slick!

An adjustable indexing ring on the cutter head handle allows for easy micro adjustments.  Each indicator on the ring is equivalent to making a 1/128” micro cut.

Overall Impression:

I was super impressed with the DELTA 22-590.  It is a well built and well designed, quality woodworking tool that is both suitable for both the small shop and the job site.

As a carpenter and his tool gives me the flexibility to have a shop planer but also allows me to transport it to larger jobs where planning and milling operations are needed.  Well done DELTA!

The new DELTA 13-inch Portable Thickness Planer is backed by a five-year warranty and will be available at specialty woodworking dealers and online for approximately $568.  Purchase one online here: Delta-22-590-Thickness-Portable-Planer


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