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Delaney Logan LP250 Digital Lever Lock

Delaney Logan LP250 Digital Lever Lock

Controlling Jobsite Access With A Delaney Logan Lever Lock

In the world of remodeling, controlling access to a property is paramount to security and also client privacy. On many jobs, the clients are home to let us in, which can sometimes backfire. Especially if they go out to yoga or tennis and forget to leave the door open for us. That’s certainly happened!

In other situations, clients may give us a key. If the project is large in scope, that may mean that over the course of the project up to 8 subcontractors may enter the house using that key. To accommodate this, and prevent lock-out situations we used to use a portable combination lockbox to hold the house key.

The OLD Way

The issue with a portable combination lockbox is that the client’s key could be duplicated, lost or damaged. If duplicated, it could be used for nefarious purposes later down the line. While this has NEVER happened to me, I’ve heard of it happen to other contractors.

These combination lockboxes are usually mounted to a railing or doorknob. We found that when mounted to a doorknob the lockbox can damage the door weather stripping or door jamb. This happens when the door closes and the lockbox is sandwiched between the door and door jamb. When mounted on a railing in the elements – the box can freeze, sometimes necessitating a heat gun or propane torch to open it. That’s a hassle!

Delaney Logan LP250 Lock Features

Delaney Logan LP250 Lock electronic keypad – Authorized Entry

For long extended projects we recommend investing in and using a key-less entry lockset. We use a Delaney LP250 electronic keypad locks on our projects and install them on our access door.

The LP250 electronic keypad with LOGAN style lever and has two modes of entry, keypad, and key.  This lock operates on 4 AA batteries and does not require hard wiring.

Delaney Logan LP250 Lock Keypad Benefits

The lock has an LED Illuminated keypad for nighttime or dark morning visibility. Additionally, there are no keys to lose or misplace and because the lock is mounted on a door they do not freeze or damage your NEW door jamb or weather stripping.

When we are remodeling a house and the client is still living there we will often install our keypad on the knob portion of the door and keep the clients’ deadbolt above it – allowing them to further secure the house at night. Many clients seem to like this added layer of security.

Delaney Logan LP250 Lock Cost

So here’s the rub – the Delany Logan lock costs use $246 to purchase and will be re-used on all our jobs.  When compared to a $26.00 Master Lock combination portable lockbox that may seem like a lot of money.

But I can tell you that you’ll wish you’d spent the money after damaging your first NEW door that now has to be repaired, needs new weather-stripping, or paints.

The results are worry-free access, security, and clean professional access management for our clients.

As a professional contractor, clients really like this approach. It presents an image to your clients that you care about them, their home security and their project.

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