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Decorating With Flowers

Decorate your Home With Flowers From Your Own Garden

Carpenters don’t really care about decorating with flowers.

As a carpenter my thoughts and plans often revolve around details and ideas that make a house more aesthetically pleasing, historically correct or just plain functional.  Things like crown molding, built in cabinetry, wainscoting, columns and accent lighting often come to mind.

The reality is that after I leave it’s up to the folks who live int he house to furnish and decorate their home – hopefully tastefully and in a way that complainants my finish carpentry details!!!

Decorating With Flowers:

Attention to detail is very important in interior design, and at the end of the day it is often these details that make a house into a home. Using flowers and plants from your backyard flower garden is a simple, cost effective and effective way to add color, character and elegance to a room.  You don’t need to buy expensive flowers from the florist; a simple flower picked in the garden, or even leaves and branches, can be redisplayed in such a manner that it  instantly transforms a room.

Yesterday while planning a cocktail party for friends my wife and friend decided they were going to use flowers from our garden to add several table and counter focal points of color, interest and warmth inside the house.

By using flowers from our gardens and making fresh flower arrangements they were able to create the look of several flower arrangements that would have normally cost several hundreds of dollars to purchase.   Arrangements like these add an air of elegance that is hard to ignore.

Floral Motivation:

Most people look at flower arrangements inside the home as just decoration but my wife tells me that they connect her to what’s going on in nature.  Basically they bring her beautiful outdoor gardens indside.

She also feels that cutting theses flower help stimulate the blooming process of her plants. The cut flowers tend to last at least one week inside, and we are able to replace them weekly with the next bloom.


Decorating With Flowers – Tips:

  1. If your interested in decorating with flowers from your yard choose a vase that complements the room decor, its color or its mood and use fresh, in-bloom flowers.
  2. Use other materials to enhance your arrangement.  Items such as green plants and tall grasses to compliment and contrast the flower colors.
  3. Find flowers that accent your spaces. For example, use large, opulent plants and flowers such as peonies, gladiolas and sunflowers in grand entries. Dainty flowers, such as daffodils and baby’s breath, are beautiful on a small table or smaller space.
  4. In small confined areas create small accents with your flowers.  In large open spaces create dramatic arrangements to fill the space.

Whether you are decorating a table for a party or simply adding color to your home, get inspired but the beauty of nature and bring it inside!

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